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New Lightweighting Ideas from a Single Source

The Lightweight Forging Initiative, which launched Phase III in summer 2017 with 39 international partners from Western Europe, the USA and Japan, will present its results from fall 2018.       

You can experience for yourself the successful collaboration between steel manufacturers and forging companies when it comes to lightweighting potential in a hybrid car as well as in a conventional truck transmission at the following 3 events:

Come along and visit us. We will offer you expertise in lightweight forging at first hand and give you the opportunity to talk with our lightweighting experts from the Initiative. Let yourself be inspired by the multitude of lightweighting ideas for forged steel components in the powertrain, chassis and transmission! Should you have any questions regarding your trade fair visit, please contact Dorothea Bachmann Osenberg, Tel. +49 2331 958830, Email: info@massiverLEICHTBAU.de

Lightweight Forging

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