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IPEK Presents its Work Results on the Topics of Lightweight Transmissions and Go-To-Market Strategies for New Steel Materials

The Institute for Product Development (IPEK) has been commissioned to work on several subprojects during the third phase of The Lightweight Forging Initiative. The focus is on optimizing and thus reducing the weight of the transmission in a hybrid passenger car as well as that of a conventional truck through the use of high-strength steels. During Phase II, a calculation tool was aligned to the boundary conditions of the hybrid car transmission and the truck transmission in order to visualize the lightweighting potential. The Institute demonstrates the necessary boundary conditions for the market launch of these high-strength steels and presents precise go-to-market strategies. IPEK and the Initiative have been working together on lightweighting potential since 2015.

Further information may be found at http://www.ipek.kit.edu/english/Aktuelles.php

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