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Lightweight Forging TechDays continue their success – this time at GETRAG FORD

On 18.10.2017, the Lightweight Forging TechDay took place at GETRAG FORD in Cologne. The event was highly successful, with 16 exhibitors, 12 presentations plus two presentations on the research network and on the transmission study. Feedback from both the exhibitors as well as the GETRAG FORD participants was highly positive. The visitors were from departments such as Chassis/Powertrain FORD, Forging Division FORD, Advanced Engineering GETRAG/Magna, all Platform Design areas and Benchmarking GETRAG. The TechDay provides The Lightweight Forging Initiative with an ideal platform for further advancing results and for marketing lightweighting potential in an optimum way. The next Lightweight Forging TechDay will take place on 17.01.2018 at VW in Wolfsburg.


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